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Privacy Policy and Cookies


Privacy receives statistical information about the visitors of the website, specifically the number of film trailers watched by users. It is not possible on the basis of these information to recognize individual persons and it is a process we practice in order to improve and the quality and quantity of the new film trailers.

When you browse the Internet you leave an “electronic trace” which reveals where you have been and which browser you have. This trace is created because your browser sends information to a server. While your browser is requesting it is also sending some other information to the particular server among other things your address (IP-address on the Internet) so that the server knows whereto it must return the page you have requested. Depending on the operating system and the browser you are using the browser often sends your username to the server as well. It is the username you use when you log on to your computer.

When you have visited’s website we will therefore know the following about you:

- Which pages you have looked at, and when

- Which browser you are using

- Your IP-address

- Which film trailers you watched

- How many of movie trailers you watched

- In some cases your username

By using this information we can trace the route you use when you search for information on In example we can see whether you start off from the front-page and move down to the sub-pages or whether you jump into the middle of the website from a search engine or from one of our partners. Your personal information which is entered in connection to filling out profiles and so forth on or related services will be stored discretely. handles all personal information confidentially and in accordance with common marketing practices and The Danish Data Protection Agency’s guidelines regarding the storage and usage of data. The information will never be resold – it will only be shared with business partners in the marketing of relevant products and services.

Business partners

Our business partners use banner advertising and cookies. A banner ad is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server, which can be a graphic image, a set of animated images, or an interactive element (usually known as rich media).This form of advertising entails embedding an advertising into a web page. Regardless of the size of the banner ad, when a user clicks the advertisement, he or she is redirected to the advertiser's website. The technology behind these adverts is based on Cookies*.


A cookie is a tiny computer file used by Internet professionals to exchange a restricted amount of information with the Internet user’s computer. Cookies may be used, for example, to record the browsing preferences selected by an Internet user when visiting a website, or to record the login entered on a website requiring identification, or the content of a basket when shopping online, etc. The features and information stored in each cookie vary according to the type of service and website it is associated with.

Information about our business partners

Hi-media protects the privacy of its Internet users and has laid down the following privacy protection policy: Hi-media Privacy Policy

The Hi-media cookie contains no information that can be used to identify or locate an individual Internet user. It is not shared, not used by third parties and communicates only with Hi-media Performance network systems. The Hi-media cookie contains only a number assigned to the Internet user’s computer and a series of references corresponding to websites visited. Hi-media is thus able to determine that computer no. XXXXXXXXX browsed a certain website and accordingly trigger the display of advertisements bearing a relation to the website (and hence to the Internet user’s choices), without knowing where the Internet user is located and without being able to identify him/her. Hi-media has no means of linking an Internet user to the number assigned to his/her computer. Furthermore, Hi-media cannot obtain any information regarding the Internet user’s computer from the assigned number. The Internet user’s privacy is therefore protected. In addition, we work with the following server (please find the links to opt-out of cookies for each of them:

Server Opt-out links
Adtech Adtech Opt-out Cookies
Appnexus Appnexus Opt-out Cookies
Rubicon Rubicon Opt-out Cookies
Weborama Weborama Opt-out Cookies

Disabling these adverts

In its affinity-based ad targeting activity, Hi-media does not gather information that may breach the privacy of Internet users. Given that we use cookies in this activity, however, we believe it to be our duty to inform Internet users of the fact, and of how the cookies operate and what information they contain. Furthermore, we fully understand and accept that some Internet users may not consider affinity-based ad targeting as suitable or appropriate to them. Hi-media has therefore taken steps to include in its privacy protection policy a very simple means of opting out of the process, by clicking on the following link: Opt-out Cookie